Saturday, 25 August 2012

Unicorn at play!

The Muse has been rather a lazy blogger this August, as you've probably noticed. Only ONE post this month so far, and that one was about the Olympic Games, which doesn't even have an event for unicorns. (At least not yet, though when I have a proper name, I plan to enter the show jumping in disguise and show all those posh horses a thing or two...)

But though I haven't been writing many actual blog-words, I've been playing around in the enchanted blog-woods and made a few small changes.

Design. I'm experimenting with a beautiful bright blog background the talented Alzrith sent me - this one is a drawing called "Creatures" inspired by my books. Of course now you're probably all looking at the background instead of reading my words, but that's fine with me! Words and pictures are simply two different paths into the enchanted mists. You can check out more of Alzrith's lovely colourful work at

Amazon Store. I've also added a special amazon store for Katherine's books so that you can find them more easily online. You can enter her storefront by clicking on the tab above and following the link. You can also get there from the last page on her website. And if you want to try it out straight away CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile, my author has been hard at work editing the third book in her Pendragon Legacy series "Crown of Dreams" so that it'll be ready for publication early next year, and also making some video clips about the first two books so that you can all have a good laugh at her trying to explain what they are about. (She's threatened to film me, but so far I've kept well out of the way... in the first one she's playing around with a sword, and believe me when I tell you she's more dangerous than Rhianna with a sword in her hand!). Anyway, the second book "Lance of Truth" publishes on 1st October - not long now! - and by that time you should also be able to find the first title "Sword of Light" in paperback and ebook, as well as a few remaining copies of the lovely shimmery hardcover edition.

Finally, don't forget the competition to find my name! Because I seriously need one. If nobody sends in a name Katherine likes before 1st October, I shall be called "The Muse" for ever and ever until the end of time, which is so boring - not to mention embarrassing, since most people think of a muse as being female (blame those ancient Greeks) and I am a male unicorn, thank you very much. Do girls normally have horns?

There! That's TWO posts this August! Maybe my author won't whip me after all, when she raises her head from the pages of her copy-edit and notices me again? She'd better not, if she wants me to help her write the final Pendragon book "Grail of Stars" before Christmas...


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