Thursday, 6 December 2012

Pendragon Family Tree

The unicorn has been rather quiet recently because he's busy helping me write the final Pendragon Legacy book "Grail of Stars", which completes the Rhianna Pendragon series. The trouble is that a muse only has the energy to do one sort of writing at any one time. So if an author is blogging a lot, chances are they are not writing many books... whereas if they are writing a lot of books, then they don't have the time to blog as often. (Of course, not even a unicorn can prove the opposite: if an author is not blogging at all, does this mean they are busy secretly writing brilliant books...? Don't answer that!)

Anyway, if you are desperate to read a blog post by Katherine, she's over at The History Girls today talking about the recent change to the royal succession law that gives girls an equal claim to the throne... Rhianna Pendragon would be pleased! And to prove blogging ties in with writing books, that post sparked off a creative urge in the unicorn this morning to draw the Pendragon family tree according to Katherine, so here it is:

I am not allowed to show you the name under the "guess who?" flap yet, since this is a secret in the first three boks and my publisher says we must not give things away until the fourth book is published... but that doesn't stop you guessing!

Next week, look out for a fabulous guest post from Nick Green, catman and Master of Pashki. Don't know what pashki is yet? Visit this blog on Monday to find out! 


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