Muse Monday - the robots of Charlotte Haptie

Normally an author would write a guest post for this spot, but since this is a robot post, and robots exist to help people, I'm doing it for her. (Just don't go thinking I'm a robot unicorn, because as everyone knows there's no such creature.)

Anyway, to get back to Charlotte's current muse... after the well-received Ice Angel and Otto books, Charlotte Haptie's latest series is a fun robot-filled read for 7-9 year olds.

Meet Granny Grabbers, an early model designed to look after children of busy parents. Delilah Smart is the little girl in question, and she's delighted to discover that Granny Grabbers (due to a fortunate malfunction) has emotions, can talk and do magic tricks... well, sort of.

Delilah also gets a brain-building bear-robot called Sir Isaac Newton, who is so brainy he has his own Twitter account @SirIsaacNBear... follow him if you want a brain boost, too!

The robotics factory is continually churning out new models, which are so well-described in the books that you can almost see these inventive robots clanking and marching out of the pages to clean and polish your house (I wish!) But when Mr and Mrs Smart want to upgrade Granny Grabbers to the deluxe Nanny model, Delilah and her robot friends fight all the way to the humorous ending.

There are two books in this series published so far, with a third book in the making. So if you've a young robot fan in the family, be sure to point them in the right direction...

You can catch up with Charlotte at  where your school has an amazing opportunity to adopt her as "your" author for a term. (If several schools want her, perhaps she'll even send you a robot-author...?)