Monday, 11 March 2013

Pendragon Girl's Amazing World Book Week Tour - Day 1 Devon

The unicorn spent most of last week hiding in Katherine's sparkly bag, while she toured the country introducing young readers to Rhianna Pendragon and friends...

Rhianna, Elphin, Cai, Arianrhod

Believe me, it was a bit squashed in that bag along with a jewelled crown (lookalike gold), King Arthur's sword Excalibur (plastic version), three published Pendragon Legacy books (Sword of Light, Lance of Truth, Crown of Dreams), the fourth book Grail of Stars draft cover, two mist horses (Rhianna's mare Alba and Prince Elphin's Evenstar), various bookmarks, plus poster-sized portraits of Rhianna Pendragon, Prince Elphin, Squire Cai, and Maid Arianrhod. Good thing Katherine also carried emergency water and muesli bars, or I'd be a very hungry unicorn by now.

Our tour started early on Monday morning with a misty drive across Dartmoor to Tavistock Community College, who welcomed Katherine to their comfortable "octagon" where she spoke to Year 7:

First event of the week at Tavistock Community College
The morning finished with squash, cakes and biscuits in the library, where readers (and their teachers) had a chance to quiz Katherine about writing the Pendragon books and owning a unicorn.

The lovely Tavistock College library
The sun had come out by the time we left the school, so we stopped on the way back across the moor, where the car was mobbed by ponies as Katherine tried to share her sandwiches with me...

Greedy ponies!

Fighting off the ponies, we headed into Plymouth where (after performing a few U-turns and enlisting the help of a local resident rather than a SatNav), we found Montpelier Primary School waiting to welcome us with a cup of tea and an offer of yet more food.

Katherine spoke to Years 5 and 6 in their bright school hall, where it turned out a dragon was lurking behind the curtains the whole time, left behind by Cressida Cowell on a previous author visit... good thing the beast didn't show its big green snout around me! (I kept a low profile in Katherine's bag during that talk so she wouldn't accidentally leave me behind with the dragon, hence no photos.)

An after-school signing session followed, with several unsuspecting parents dragged in by young fans to get their books signed.

Things were even more squashed for me on the drive back, since Katherine came home with a lovely thank-you begonia from Tavistock College, shown here with the crown and the sword. Just as well they didn't give her one of their (live) chickens too...

Me, looking a bit squashed.
After the photo session, it was back in the bag for me ready for Tuesday's trip to Coventry... but more about that next time!

Katherine and Excalibur

A bright and enjoyable start to the tour in Devon.

With thanks to:
Kathy Worrall, Tavistock Community College
Danielle Jones, Montpelier Primary School
Libby Allman, Waterstones Plymouth


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