Sunday, 22 September 2013

Happy Autumn Equinox!

The unicorn and I would quickly like to wish everyone a happy autumn equinox. (We have to be quick, because it doesn't last for long!)

Today, in the northern hemisphere, day and night have equal lengths. From now on, the nights will get longer and the days will get shorter up until midwinter, when the reverse happens until we reach the spring equinox, where day and night are once again of equal length.

This year, the autumn equinox falls at 8.44pm this evening (Sunday 22nd Sept), but you've just got time to get to Stonehenge for the official celebration tomorrow at sunrise.

So what does all this mean for authors?

The equinox is time of balance and of change, of bringing old projects to a close and thinking about new ones. I always get itchy feet at this time of year, which sometimes results in me putting my house on the market (though I know estate agents and house buyers are not of the same mind!), or starting a new book even if I haven't finished the old one yet (publishers are often not of the same mind, either!). But this year, things seem to be working more in rhythm with the seasons. My Pendragon Legacy series is drawing to a close with publication of the fourth and final title Grail of Stars on October 1st. So I'll be doing some promotion for that, and then working on a new project through the dark months of the year to bring out in the spring ready for the return of the sun.

Meanwhile, here is a magical post about the equinox if you would like to celebrate it with a spell:  The White Goddess


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