Monday, 2 September 2013

MUSE MONDAY - The Wonderful Whippets of Karen Bush

Followers of this blog might notice that my author has changed the Muse Monday format. Now I get to pin down other people's muses with my glittery horn and interview them! First author in my glittery line-up is Karen Bush...


Who or what is your muse?
Karen: Two whippets, Archie and Angel. They are very flesh-and-blood muses and can be counted upon to keep me company while writing – which otherwise would be a very lonely job. They are keen to keep me working hard so that I can afford to humour every whim and foible they have, whether it is a smart new collar or special organic bedtime biscuits. So keen are they that they have insisted that I buy a netbook so I can carry on working while sitting on the sofa with them in the evenings as they watch the telly.

Archie and Angel... ahhhh.

When did you first meet?
Karen: Fate threw Archie into my arms eight years ago, and Angel six months after.

Does your muse appear in any of your books and/or artwork?
Karen: Not yet, although it’s probably only a matter of time. They do have their own blog at where they regularly jot down their musings on life, the world, and the lack of roast turkey.

If you won the lottery and had complete artistic freedom, what would your muse write/create?
Karen: If I won the lottery,  Archie and Angel would blow it all on a huge, safely fenced off paddock to run around and frolic about in, and if any money was left over they would donate it to Scruples Whippet Rescue. Leaving me to continue toiling over a keyboard … although the paddock on a sunny day would be quite a nice place to sit while doing it.

Before you go, does your muse have a message for the Unicorn?
Karen: Oh yes! Whippets of the world unite … you have nothing to lose but your leashes! Although this is probably not very helpful to the Unicorn. Something along the lines of put your trust in your author and keep your horn dry might be more appropriate.

"Keep my horn dry" - thank you, whippits, I'll remember that. Too much rain does tend to wash off the glitter!

Find out more about Karen and her books:
Karen Bush's website
News of her new book plus tips on how to become a show jumper
Archie and Angel’s blog

The Great Rosette Robbery and Other Stories is a collection of short pony stories – there are eight altogether, including ones about a pony that won’t jump, a talented event horse that loses his nerve, and how a missed show results in a dream coming true.


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