Thursday, 31 October 2013

A Treat for Halloween

Trick or treat?

If you're anything like me, you'd probably prefer a treat!

So, for this weekend only, you can read my Halloween fantasy thriller SPELLFALL on your Kindle for under £1 (or under $1 or under 1 euro, depending on where you live).

Natalie saw the first spell in the supermarket car park. It was floating in a puddle near the recycling bins, glimmering bronze and green in the October drizzle. At first she thought it was a leaf, though as she drew closer it began to look more like a crumpled sweet wrapper – a very interesting sweet wrapper. Pick me up, it seemed to say, glittering intriguingly. Surely I’m worth a closer look?
   She shook her head and hurried past. She was wet and cold and had more things to worry about than picking up someone else’s litter. But the trap had been baited by one who knew a lot more about spells than she did. Before she knew what she was doing, she’d put down her chinking carrier bags and gone back for it. As her hand closed about the wrapper, a voice behind her whispered, “Innocent enough to crawl through the Thrallstone.”
   Natalie pushed her glasses back up her nose and stared round uneasily. Anyone close enough to have spoken was either hurrying to their car with a loaded shopping trolley or still driving in circles like her stepmother and stepbrother, looking for a space to park.
   “Who’s there?” she said sharply.
   Rain danced on the metal roofs of the bins.
   No answer.
   Skin prickling, Natalie stared across the river meadows at the wooded slopes beyond. The car park was on the edge of town and the recycling bins were in the corner furthest from the supermarket. This might have seemed bad planning for an eco-friendly development like Millennium Green, except the original plans showed a housing estate was to have been built on the meadows. The official excuse was that the floods would cost too much to divert but everyone at Natalie’s school knew the truth. People didn’t want to live in the shadow of Unicorn Wood because it was haunted...

Find out who has set a trap for Natalie, and what haunts the woods, in this full-length novel for young readers first published by Chicken House/Scholastic US in 2001.

Spellfall UK
Spellfall US  

Happy Halloween!


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