Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Join the Quest today!

It's here!

The final book of my Pendragon Legacy series about King Arthur's daughter is now in my hands, bringing Rhianna's two year quest - and mine - to an end.

Out in hardcover with a shimmery cover finish that catches the light, the book has lovely endpapers with maps printed on them, like this one of the Grail Castle:


I've dedicated this book to all my readers who are on a quest... is that you?

"For everyone on a Quest"

That little row of numbers at the bottom of the lefthand page mean this is a first printing of the first UK edition - so if yours looks the same, and you can persuade me to sign it for you (I don't need very much persuading) then your book might even be valuable one day!

To celebrate its publication, here's a short video to explain what Rhianna's quest is all about:

Join the quest today!


The Pendragon Legacy series is published by Templar


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