Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dragon Riding and Singing in Spanish

My author spirited me away for the Halloween weekend, partying in Brighton at the World Fantasy Convention - a great place for a unicorn, as you can imagine (although there were rather a lot of dragons to avoid, too). Here are some of the goodies I carried home for her in my unicorn panniers...

World Fantasy Convention 2013 goodies.

She's ordered me to write a couple of blog posts about the convention and what we got up to at Halloween, but first I should explain the title... it seems the moment I turn my back on my computer, a whole rash of guest posts go up which Katherine had conveniently forgotten to tell me about.

Singing in Spanish
First of all, at Halloween while we were busy partying with witches at the Book Nook in Hove, Katherine's virtual self visited Authors Electric to do some Singing in Spanish. This post tells how she came to publish a dual language ebook version (English /Spanish) of the short story that became the seed of her Branford Boase Award winning novel "Song Quest", demonstrating how writers' careers can take unexpected twists and turns... which is sort of what Neil Gaiman said in his interview at the Fantasy Convention (and if you're a swooning fangirl at this stage, I promise you a picture later).

Dragon Riding
Then on Sunday, while we were in the Reading Cafe of the Metropole Hotel taking part in a group 'Fantasy for Children' showcase, Katherine's virtual self indulged in some dragon riding with Anne McCaffrey as part of  Sci-Fi month over at Rinn Reads (though since dragons usually prefer to eat unicorns than let us ride on their backs, I'm rather glad I was in Brighton!)

This obviously proves unicorns have magic, since I can make my author appear in three places at the same time. And while you're busy checking out the two links above, I'll get on with writing my post about what we got up to in Brighton...

Remains of the West Pier in Brighton... not guilty!

Two more places to find Katherine this week (I like to keep her busy!)

The History Girls

Nicola Morgan's Heartsong blog


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