Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Dancing Christmas Pony

When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted for Christmas was a real live pony. Now I'm a fantasy author I want a real live unicorn, which is a bit trickier (so I probably won't get one of those, either!)

I do, however, still have my virtual unicorn muse, who has done some digging over at YouTube with his glittery horn and returned with this cute dancing Christmas pony... if you visit the site, you can even create gift ponies for your friends. Enjoy!


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Susan Price said...

Thanks for the pony, Kath. Watched him, laughed, and thought of the little herd of shetlands Davy and I met up on the moors when we were in Shetland. They didn't dance. The (tiny) adults hung back suspiciously, but one even tinier foal was very curious about us and came right up. Davy was entirely charmed, and knelt down, saying, "Wad ye like a wee tickle?" Seeing the foal getting scratches and tickles, all the others came up and crowded round us, probably hoping for apples or polo mints. It was a great moment.


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