Monday, 16 December 2013

Tamora Pierce and Me

It's amazing what you can discover online, years after the event itself. Browsing my profile in Goodreads recently to see if any stray "Katherine Roberts" books had been added to it by mistake (there are at least four different authors with books published under my name), I discovered this book listed:

Actually not a book, but a sampler that my American publishers must have produced to cross-promote my titles back when they still published me. I knew nothing about it at the time, which just proves how much publishers do that authors are not aware of... a belated thank you, Scholastic!

If I had known about it, I'd have been quite flattered as a new author to be compared to the queen of young US fantasy writing Tamora Pierce (still am, if the truth be known!). But this sampler is now a small piece of history, and my two books listed in it - Song Quest and Spellfall - have moved on to a new stage of their life after going out of print at Scholastic/Chicken House a few years ago.

Song Quest is now available in paperback from Catnip Books, with an ebook promised soon.

Spellfall is available as an ebook from Amazon, Apple, Kobo or Nook.

And in case you're disappointed you've missed the free books mentioned in the sampler, the unicorn is running a free ebook offer for the Christmas period over at my website, where it already seems to be snowing:

The years might have passed, but the stories remain. So wrap up warm, grab your e-reader, and enjoy!


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