Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

I have a confession to make. I already wrote this post once, but took it down an hour later since it felt like too much pressure. As you've probably guessed, I've been making my New Year's resolutions and thought it would be a good idea to announce them here... but changed my mind. (If you are one of the four people who read my post before I deleted it, then I hope you didn't laugh too hard.)

However, the unicorn says I should still write a New Year post about making my resolutions, for which I used the Oracle of the Grail Code - this beautiful card set he unearthed with his glittery horn while I was working on my series about King Arthur's daughter.

These cards focus on the female energy of the Grail legends and come with a book that contains simple 'spreads' for answering deep-seated questions. This morning being an auspicious one, I asked the cards a general question concerning my writing and my life - which, for me, feed and nourish each other.


In this spread, the card on the left indicates "lack", the one on the right is "need", and the one in the centre is "do" - this central card, SEASONS, seems particularly appropriate for an author, since it reflects the cycle of creation needed to write books.

The Grail guide for SEASONS suggested I meditate on a deciduous tree, so I chose the Rowan (Mountain Ash) in my neighbour's tiny garden, which gets pruned regularly and is a tree I feel a bit sorry for since it always seems to be trying to grow in the wrong place.

Rowan tree, or Mountain Ash

This morning, I became that tree. I experienced its winter sleep, followed by an energetic budding in the spring. I survived the summer drought, felt sweet rain bathe my leaves and soak into my roots, enjoyed a beautiful leaf fall in autumn, then withdrew energy into my roots once more for the dark time of the year, while my branches lay bare. You cannot always see what is happening inside a tree, and at the moment, out in the stormy night, it looks quite different from the tree in this picture. Some years, the Rowan is so late coming into leaf, I am sure it is dead. Yet it will burst into leaf again quite suddenly, late in the spring when all danger of frost is past, and its tender new branches will shelter nesting birds until winter comes around again to complete the cycle.

If you are making some resolutions and would like to try the Grail Oracle for yourself, you can find a set here. Meanwhile, I am off to prepare for a mysterious and perhaps miraculous budding... I'll be back when the storms stop, and maybe by the time the sun comes out some leaves will be starting to show.

Happy New Year to all my readers!


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