Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Top Ten Borrowed Books 2013

When I was a child most of my reading came from my local library, so I am always excited to see my annual UK library loans. Although libraries are sampled for the purpose of calculating the loan data (which means not all of them are represented each year), I think loan figures are a truer indication of how much people are enjoying a book than sales figures, since when readers borrow a book from a library they do not have to worry about its availability or cover price.

I'm pleased to report that my most popular borrowed title with over 5,000 loans is:

Book 1 of the Pendragon Legacy
The UK loan year runs until June so it's a bit early for libraries to report later books in this series, but I'm delighted to see some of my older books are still popular too. (Muse: maybe this means historical books are like wine... they improve with age?)

My top ten borrowed books of 2013:

1. SWORD OF LIGHT (Pendragon Legacy 1)
2. THE GREAT PYRAMID ROBBERY (Seven Fabulous Wonders)
3. SONG QUEST (Echorium Sequence 1)
4. THE CLEOPATRA CURSE (Seven Fabulous Wonders)
5. THE OLYMPIC CONSPIRACY (Seven Fabulous Wonders)
8. THE MAUSOLEUM MURDER (Seven Fabulous Wonders)
9. LANCE OF TRUTH (Pendragon 2)
10. THE BABYLON GAME (Seven Fabulous Wonders)

Sword of Light, Lance of Truth, and Song Quest are still in print and available to buy new in paperback or hardcover. My other titles are now available as ebooks.

The Unicorn sends glitter to libraries and all who work in them!


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