Summer Solstice - sun, Writers Workshop, and a free ebook!

On this sunny Summer Solstice, I'm delighted to have been invited over to the Writers' Workshop blogspot, where I'm one of the authors talking about my route to publication and what has happened since.

(Muse: Yes, that should say "publishing over TWO centuries" in the guest post... not sure where the "four" came from, but I suppose Katherine's author photo does make her look as if she's just stepped out of an ancient oak tree.)

And if a workshop sounds like too much hard work in all this sunshine, young Alexander the Great fans can grab the first part of the new I am the Great Horse serial free today for Kindle:


Happy Summer Solstice to all my readers!


catdownunder said…
Hello my dear Unicorn - very pleased to see you have your human hard at work again!
Unicorn said…
I can't seem to stop her, catdownunder... it's a real problem sometimes!