Sunday, 14 September 2014

Further thoughts on blogging

Some electric cats left comments on my last post, so total annihilation of this blog has been suspended until further notice.

As the unicorn has pointed out to me (with his glittery horn), many people worked hard on guest posts for his little corner of the blogosphere, so it would not be good karma to delete those. If you haven't read them all yet, see the MUSE MONDAYS tab at the top for a full list of links.

Also, there is a long-running series of posts based upon my epic novel about Alexander the Great's horse "I am the Great Horse" and its associated projects. That series is not quite finished yet, and Bucephalas will probably bite me if I try deleting him. He'll certainly squeal at the unicorn, which could get nasty. For links to this series, see the I AM THE GREAT HORSE tab.

If you're looking for a viral blog, this is not the place to be. (But then you probably never found it in the first place, so that's okay.)

If you're looking for an information blog, you'll probably want to try somewhere else. The only information around here is some out-of-date Kindle advice (2011) that follows my own personal journey into ebooks. You're welcome to use anything you find helpful, but please be aware that things have moved on in the ebook world since I wrote those posts. For more up to date ebook advice and thoughts on the current publishing industry, try Kristine Kathryn Rusch or Do Authors Dream of Electric Books?

If you're looking for cats or unicorns, however, or are interested in my books and what this author thinks about the writing and publishing game, then this is a good place to be and you're very welcome! But don't be surprised if the unicorn takes extended breaks in the enchanted mists from time to time, because that's the only way he is ever going to write more books. There's only one of him, and it's do or... Unicorn? Are you still there?

Seems the unicorn has trotted off already, so you'll have to make do with a picture of my cat Tara, who is now famous on Facebook since she used up her ninth life earlier this week.

This is a cat blog? Really?


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