Solstice Review

Today is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, the longest night of the year. Tomorrow, the days will start to get longer and the nights shorter. So do not despair, fellow unicorn riders... there is a glitter of light in the dark window of this blog, and it'll be summer before you know it.

I realise there have not been many posts here lately. I have an excuse. I've been busy working with students on their essays (see Royal Literary Fund Fellow on the right), and a unicorn cannot do two things at once. I am in the middle of writing a new book, but at the moment do not know when or how this will be published. All I can tell you at the moment is that it's YA romance and contains sexy angels, so will probably come out under a different name to avoid confusion with my other books... but I haven't decided yet whether I'll tell you what that name is, or let you guess!

Meanwhile, my ebook sales continue to rise as more people get hold of e-readers. I can't report ebook figures for my Pendragon Legacy series since these are missing from my statements, but I know how much they have earned me this year for sales made in the period July 2013 to June 2014 (there is a time lag of 6 months in the reports from my publisher). So this year I'll do two Top 5 lists - one for sales, and the other for author income - as the unicorn thinks gross income is a more genuine way to compose bestseller lists, particularly with ebooks where price promotions can skew the results.

TOP 5 BEST SELLING eBOOKS by sales quantity (the traditional list):

1. I am the Great Horse
2. The Great Pyramid Robbery
3. Spellfall
4. Crystal Mask
5. Seven Fabulous Wonders Omnibus

(My Pendragon books would probably fit somewhere near the top of this list but the figures are missing -
naughty publisher.)

TOP 5 BEST SELLING eBOOKS by author earnings (the most important list from a unicorn's point of view):

1. I am the Great Horse
2. Grail of Stars (via. my publisher)
3. The Great Pyramid Robbery
4. Sword of Light (via. my publisher)
5. Seven Fabulous Wonders Omnibus

So the winner for 2014, hitting the top of BOTH ebook lists (which must mean he's twice as popular), is...

 Get hold of him now before the VAT increase!*

* Note: on 1st January 2015, the VAT charged on all ebooks downloaded in the UK will rise from 3% to 20%. This is not the unicorn's fault.