Legend of Genghis Khan - free this week

It has been an eventful day over in America and the rest of the world is watching to see what happens next, but think yourself lucky you were not living in Asia in the 12th Century, when a boy called Temujin was born on the Mongolian steppe clutching a fistful of blood. He grew up to become the feared Genghis Khan, whose empire stretched from China to Europe and was extended by his sons after his death to become four times the size of Alexander the Great's.

For the rest of this week, you can read Temujin's story in his own words absolutely free:

(offer expires 13th November)

Prince of Wolves is part one of my Legend of Genghis Khan trilogy being published under my middle initial 'Katherine A Roberts' for slightly older readers than my other books. For the rest of this week you can download parts 2 and 3 of the series - Bride of Wolves and Blood of Wolves - for only 99p in the UK, and either 99c or $1.99 in America (depending how soon you can tear yourself away from the election results!).

BRIDE OF WOLVES - only 99p
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BLOOD OF WOLVES - only 99p
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