Apologies for the lack of recent posts on this blog. I have an excuse! I've been busy finishing a new book... not saying anything else about it yet, since it's about to start looking for a home.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, it's been a really strange year. Apparently, we still have last year's Evil Virus lurking in the shadows to worry about, but since I'm 90% certain I had the bug back in March (and have possibly been exposed several times since with no repeat of the symptoms), I feel like smiling today. So here's an infectious poem usually attributed to Spike Milligan - though it's unclear if he actually wrote it - to cheer you up a bit while you're waiting for my new book to reach the shelves.*

If it's a choice between the Evil Virus and a smile, I know what I'd rather catch!

* Unicorn tip: you might need more than a single poem to read while you're waiting, so have a browse through the book pages and see if anything catches your fancy.