Apologies for the lack of recent posts on this blog. I have an excuse. I've been busy finishing a new book... not saying anything else about it yet, except I've just SENT IT OUT TO AN AGENT!!! (The unicorn thinks it's about time we found a new agent and I need to get over my fear of rejection, which is easy for him to say - he knows I would never reject him, because he's my muse and without him there would be no books at all.)

Anyway, back in the real world it's been a really strange year. Apparently, we still have last year's Evil Virus lurking in the shadows to worry about, but for some reason I feel like smiling today. So here's an infectious poem usually attributed to Spike Milligan (though it's unclear if he actually wrote it) to cheer you up a bit while you're waiting for that new book to find a home.

 If it's a choice between the Evil Virus and a smile, I know what I'd rather catch!