A Spell for Spring * special offer until 1st May *

With all the stormy weather we've been having this winter, we definitely need a spell for spring... so here it is!

Spell Spring
* only 99p/99c until 1st May *

This long-awaited sequel to Spellfall celebrates the Blossoming, when the giant soultrees of Earthaven burst into flower. Unlike trees in our world (which are fertilised by insects such as bees or beetles), Earthaven's blossoms need to be fertilised by unicorn dust before the soultrees can bear fruit to produce new spells. As you can imagine, unicorn dust is rare even in Earthaven, and must be collected by the treemages who care for the soultrees, making this a vulnerable time for the trees. The Council of the soultree known as Oq will not be at full strength until Natalie finishes school in our world, and meanwhile the evil Lord Hawk has escaped from the Thrallstone where he was imprisoned at the end of Spellfall and is coming for his revenge...

Join Natalie and her friends as they race to complete Oq's power before Hawk's Casters destroy the magic of Earthaven forever.

Spell Spring can be read either as a standalone title, or as a second adventure in the popular Earthaven series.

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