A Chimera emerges from Lockdown

Out there in the Real World, there are rumours you have an Evilvirus on the loose (which I imagine as an invisible chimera, waiting to fry everyone with its fiery breath if you get too close... that's within "one metre plus" in England, or two metres in other parts of the UK because clearly Welsh chimeras breathe more fire than English ones). Meanwhile, safe here in unicorn country, things have been changing a little behind the scenes. You might have noticed this blog has now been combined with my website - or maybe my website has been combined with this blog? It all depends on your point of view.

So, for the time being, I (author Katherine Roberts) and my reclusive Unicorn Muse (who shall remain nameless because everyone knows names have power over magical creatures) will duel fiercely over the right to post - but post one of us will, at random intervals as before. What we want to know is this: as we all emerge blinking from Lockdown, including this chimera-like blog-website, would you like to be able to add comments again? We'll open the comments on this post so that you can take a break from fighting the Evilvirus to tell us.

Muse note: A chimera is a fabulous beast made up of several parts of other beasts. The picture shows a chimera Katherine painted some time ago for the cover of her Seven Fabulous Wonders book The Mausoleum Murder, when the series went out of print at HarperCollins. You can find out more about those books on the Seven Wonders page.