Tuesday, 30 June 2015

King Arthur's daughter gives a rare interview

That famous red-haired recluse, Rhianna Pendragon - daughter of King Arthur and heiress of Camelot, speaks to Olga Godim about her childhood on the enchanted isle of Avalon, her work as a Warrior Princess, and her secret love:

Click here to read the interview!

All four of Rhianna's adventures are now available in hardcover, paperback and ebook from Templar Books, and you can download a free short story about Rhianna's childhood in Avalon for Kindle - see the sidebar of this blog or click HERE.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Dark Horizons and the Summer Solstice

Question: What do these two have in common?
Answer: A flash in the pen.

If you missed the sunrise at Stonehenge today, don't worry. The unicorn would like to invite you to the launch of Authors Electric's fiction anthology "A Flash in the Pen", which involves a unicorn and possibly some naked dancing around a virtual standing stone (optional).

Katherine's story is called The Last Maiden (because of the old wives' tale that only maidens can lure unicorns out of the enchanted forest) and was first published in the British Fantasy Society magazine "Dark Horizons" back in 1995. That was before ebooks, and before many online magazines too. It had black-and-white artwork printed on real paper and looked like this:

cover illustration (c) Alan Casey

The story even had its own full-page illustration in the magazine:

illustration (c) Bob Covington

As you can probably tell from the picture, this is not your typical sweet sparkly pink unicorn story (she just sat him on the desk in the first picture to mislead you all). It's more of a horror story really... although that depends on what you believe when you reach the end. If you believe in horror, you'll get horror. If you prefer pink and sparkly, then maybe you'll get sparkly (if not pink... it was a black and white magazine, and there's a limit to a unicorn's power).

There are many other stories in this collection from many different writers - historical, crime, literary, fantasy, romance - most of them aimed at adults, so please don't give this one to younger readers. But if you're a YA reader (or, ahem, a bit older) and want to sample some different authors, then this collection could be a good taster.

currently 99p for the launch

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Mermaid Mania!

The unicorn is delighted to invite you to Mermaid Mania, a feast of books about mermaids over at Serendipity Reviews all this week!

There, you'll meet a host of wonderful authors introducing their special brand of mermaids, and also find Katherine talking about the 'merlee' (that's mermaids to you) in her Echorium trilogy. I suppose she can't always be talking about unicorns, so I'll forgive her just this once.

Human or Fish? - Katherine lets us into the secret of how mermaids breed, and wonders if it's ever right to hunt them and eat their unborn children. (No, the unicorn's answer is NO! Mermaids are NOT fish... but humans have been known to hunt unicorns, so you might have a different view? Click the link to swim on over and vote.)

Favourite Mermaid Films/TV - Vivienne of Serendipity Reviews lists some of her favourite mermaids from the silver screen. What are yours?

Why Mermaids? - Laura Dockrill says she doesn't have a sparkly tail, but she knows what it feels like to be an outsider. Check out her new book Lorali.

How Emily Windsnap came to be - Liz Kessler tells how she came to write her best-selling series of books about a girl who turns into a mermaid whenever her legs get wet. (Swimming lessons could work out rather embarrassing...)

Cerulean Blue - illustrator Thea Baker introduces some beautiful mermaid illustrations in shades of blue.

A mermaid in a wheelchair - CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell talks about her mermaid picture book, reviewed here and illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson.

Enjoy this gossip of mermaids with KM Lockwood.

And if your fins have been well and truly tickled, click here to find more great mermaid fiction in this round up of mermaid books from Goodreads.

Special Offer!
To celebrate Mermaid Mania week, you can download the Kindle edition of Song Quest for only 99p (or 99c if you live on the other side of the mermaid-infested ocean) until 14th June, when it returns to its normal price.

Song Quest - Kindle UK
Song Quest - Kindle US 

(If you prefer print, and have a bit more cash to spend, the last few gilded paperbacks are still available from Catnip Books.)


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